The Justice Brothers

The Justice BrothersIn the exclusive world of motorsports competition, the name Justice Brothers is famous. Having been major sponsors of vehicles involved in almost every kind of racing venue, from mid-west dirt tracks to the Indianapolis 500, the company has developed a reputation for being true supporters and racing enthusiasts for over six decades. The colorful Justice Brothers logo has adorned some of the most famous race cars to ever hit the track.

Long before they founded their automotive chemicals company, the three Justice brothers were budding gear heads and racing enthusiasts. Having been raised in Paola, Kansas during the depression years, the boys learned how to fix almost anything mechanical in order to earn a few dollars. This led to repairing bicycles and cars, which further honed their mechanical skills. They even sent away to Clymer Publications for mail order plans on how to build a midget racer at home. It wasn’t long before they were terrorizing the local tracks (and streets) with their latest creation. Ed, Lawrence and Gus Justice were on their way to lifelong careers in the automotive industry.

Prior to WWII, the brothers moved to the west coast and were hired by the famous Kurtis Kraft Shop in Los Angeles to build midget racecars. In fact, the first Kurtis racecar ever built is in the museum. In the evenings they continued their side business repairing all types of vehicles. When the repair business became more profitable than working at Kurtis, they went at it full time, as well as starting to build their own racecars. For a time this new business served them well, but they realized that it would never make them rich. Being astute businessmen, the brothers foresaw a looming decline in the popularity of midget racing and they looked for other opportunities in the automotive field.

They soon took advantage of an opportunity selling car care products in Florida. Trusting their luck and experience, they made the move and being natural salesmen, they quickly became the area’s sales leaders for this major automotive lubricant company. With racing in their blood, they convinced the company to sponsor the Kurtis Kraft team in the 1950 Indianapolis 500, and the resulting win increased their business dramatically. Seeing this, they decided to start their own car care products business, and founded the Justice Brothers, which remains a family owned and managed international business today. And still currently sponsors many race teams across the nation as well.

As a result of their success, the Justice Brothers Museum of Early American Racing was founded in 1985 in Duarte, CA. by Ed Justice, Sr. Situated along the famous “Mother Road”, Route 66, the museum is housed in three buildings and includes an impressive array of beautifully restored early race cars, street rods, classics and historic automobilia. A museum visitor is immediately surrounded by midgets, sprint cars, Indy cars, a collection of vintage gas pumps, racing engines, movie cars, original event posters and more, and it’s all free. There is NO admission charge, and the museum is open weekdays from 9AM to 5PM Mon./Fri. This is a display of American racing history second to none. So if you find yourself cruising historic Route 66, or just want a great day outing, stop in at the museum and experience this awesome collection for yourself.