Miami County Kansas Famous People


Baptiste Peoria

Baptiste Peoria is one of the Founnding Fathers of Paola, Special Agent for the Department of Indian Affairs

John Brown

He was called a "misguided fanatic" by Abraham Lincoln, a "blood-thirsty murderer" by Jefferson Davis and considered a 19th century "Christ" by intellectuals like Emerson and Thoreau. He was John Brown.

William Clarke Quantrill

The controversy swirls around William Clarke Quantrill. Some people would consider him a patriot of the South, doing his part against Northern tyranny.

George Washington Carver

The Peanut Man - When the farmers did listen, they found themselves with a huge crop of peanuts and no market for their crop. Farmers were mad at Carver. The story goes that he locked himself in his laboratory and asked God why He made the peanut. Days later he emerged with over 300 products that could be made from the peanut plant.


The Justice Brothers

In the exclusive world of motorsports competition, the name Justice Brothers is famous. Having been major sponsors of vehicles involved in almost every kind of racing venue, from mid-west dirt tracks to the Indianapolis 500, the company has developed a reputation for being true supporters and racing enthusiasts for over six decades.